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Jolly Ollie Octopus by Jane Thomas

join Jolly Ollie on his Australian Adventure …

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Happy birthday Ollie! 8TH OCTOBER 2020 – WORLD OCTOPUS DAY*

Jolly Ollie Octopus

Ollie the Octopus can’t stop feeling big and black and gloomy and grey. Follow a whimsical tale of friendship that sees Ollie learning to find what makes him happy, and how he turns into all the colours of the rainbow.

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Print out some of the puzzles, games and colouring sheets!

Odo and The Stranger by Mark Johnson

In a faraway place is a land called Bibliophia. There, one thing is loved more than any other: BOOKS. But now, there is a mystery in Bibliophia. A smart and happy boy named Odo is the first child in history who is not able to learn how to read. The wisest and brightest cannot help Odo, not even the bookworms. Then one day a stranger appears on the front steps of the library. What can she possibly do for Odo that others could not? Can Odo finally become a reader?

Jack and The Lean Stalk by Raven Howell

That Scarlett Bacon by Mark Johnson

Oscar The Loveable Seagull by Mark Johnson

Brave Little Donkey by Rachel Pieper

The Magpie and The Turtle by Timothy Yeahquo Jr

The Alligator Wrestler by Carmen Petro

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